Well, we have good news on two fronts (1) women dig gray and (2) you can actually look younger going natural.

The Style My Mop team didn’t take a minute to announce, “Yeah, we think gray hair is sexy!” Gina DeSimone went on to say women like a mature man that is energetic and fun. Gray hair on a 30-, 40-, 50- something year old man says just that – - and it’s hot. For men in their 60s and over, gray hair can actually make you look younger. As we’ve seen with Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgery, the unnatural often has a counter effect.

“The trick to gray is keeping it healthy and avoiding yellow discoloration,” Gina explains, “A shampoo like American Crew’s Classic Gray that has ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Milk Protein and Canada Balsam will provide deep conditioning and remove brassy yellow tones. A monthly rinse with lemon water will do the same trick [one lemon to two cups water] but the shampoo is easiest and works best. Why do I know this? [she says smiling] because these are the same tricks women use to keep dyed blonde hair looking vibrant and they work.”

If the low maintenance, low cost, and vouched sex appeal still aren’t enough to convince you, the girls suggest any dye job be performed by a professional. “You don’t have to do your whole head either,” says Loretta, “Some strategically placed dark ‘highlights’ to cover patches and keep the grays equally dispersed can create a great look and will be easier to maintain.”

What do we know at The Men’s Room? We know George Clooney sports it and so does Hugh Hefner. We also know Wayne Newton has looked more than ridiculous for quite some time. Our vote is to come in for a great cut first and see where that lands you. You might be surprised.

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    Son of a gun, this is so helpful!

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