The Men’s Room Medford will be closed January/February 2012 for renovations. During this time, we encourage our current Medford patrons to test drive the NEW STONEHAM LOCATION. With 6 chairs, plentiful parking, easy access from 93/95 and the crew from The Men’s Room Medford on staff, we’ll ensure your style and schedule goes uninterrupted.

Our new Stoneham location is the culmination of best practices that put The Men’s Room on the map as well as the incredible and supportive feedback we have received from our Medford Square customers.

When you voice your opinions, ideas, or concerns – we listen. The Men’s Room, afterall, belongs to its patrons. It is designed to be your place. Keep the feedback coming and we ensure you we’ll keep taking our business to the next level, ahead of the competition, in the name of our customers. We keep working hard and have fun doing it because you make it worth it. Thanks for being part of our team.

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